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How to Lose Weight with Fatty Body

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The saltier you eat, the more you want to eat, especially processed foods with sauces, because they contain a lot of sugar, salt and flour, which increases your calorie intake. Especially for people who lose weight, therefore, we must pay attention to light taste, too salty, too spicy food will increase calorie intake, leading to obesity.

Protein is the main component of muscle. It promotes muscle growth and repair, and helps improve basic metabolism. If the daily intake of protein does not meet the standard, it may also lead to muscle atrophy. In the daily diet, you can eat more beans, fish and shrimp, poultry, milk, eggs and other foods to supplement protein.

When you do anaerobic exercise, i.e. strength training, muscle fibers are slightly damaged under pressure. By ingesting enough high-quality protein, it can help repair damaged muscle fibers and make them stronger than before. Long-term adherence to reasonable strength training, muscle will gradually increase, basic metabolism will gradually improve.

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