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How to Eat Bananas to Lose Weight

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Eating bananas on an empty stomach can help lose weight, because bananas are a kind of fruit with high calories, but they contain rich cellulose which can moisturize the intestines, defecate and detoxify. Eating bananas on an empty stomach can supplement calories for the body. As long as the amount of food is controlled, it can help lose weight.

Bananas as breakfast is very good for weight loss, because bananas can not only provide enough calories, but also easy to digest and absorb. If you don’t eat anything, only eat bananas dipped in honey, the calories are much lower than the main meal, and naturally thin down.

This is the “core technology” of this magical banana weight loss method, which uses bananas to make the stomach feel full, rich enzymes to make digestion faster, so that even if you eat lunch and dinner as usual, you will not accumulate fat. It’s a lot easier than trying to figure out how to lose weight by going on a painful hungry diet or putting everything in your mouth.

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