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Two Kinds of Food that can be Eaten during Weight Loss

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In the process of losing weight, high protein diet is often heard. Bishengyuan health experts pointed out that high protein is divided into animal protein and plant protein. Animal protein includes meat and fish. Eggs and milk are common high-protein foods, rich in high-quality protein. Plant protein is common in beans, soybean products and so on.

Protein can provide the body with energy and calories to meet the energy needs during weight loss. For healthy people who are just overweight and have no kidney problems, these two foods can be eaten more. However, Bi Shengyuan health experts warned that if diabetic patients, especially to the stage of diabetic nephropathy, it is not recommended to eat too much high protein, especially vegetable protein.

Dietary fiber is also divided into soluble and insoluble, insoluble fiber in addition to increasing the volume of food in the gastrointestinal tract, only has the role of absorbing water. They can resist the invasion of gastrointestinal digestive juice, reach the large intestine intact and eventually discharged from the body. Of course, it will not leave any “nutrition”, but can “fill the stomach”, so that the abdomen produces a sense of fullness, reduce calorie intake, help control weight.

Although soluble dietary fiber can not be digested and absorbed, it can take away excess bile and reduce cholesterol in the body when passing through the gastrointestinal tract; when reaching the large intestine, food gathered as intestinal bacteria is also called fermentation, and fermentation products can improve human immunity to a certain extent. Sun Jia said that this kind of fiber, also known as “probiotics”, is a new favorite in the food and health care industry.